Hot Docs, Smallpox, and Robots

It’s been a busy time here at Together, and we’re so happy with the projects that have been coming our way. Hot Docs! You may already know about the effects of sugar on the human ...

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Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, and the solemn occasion was marked with various memorials around the world. For Holocaust Education Week in 2014, we were asked to help depict ...

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Paper on Screen

It’s a good season for paper. People still send out traditonal cards with handwritten messages. Children still make paper chains to wrap around trees. Gifts are wrapped and parcels are packaged, addressed, and stamped. Even ...

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Torill Kove and her Moulton

Cartoon Brew has shared their list of short animated films they think are pretty good contenders to be shortlisted for Academy Awards for 2015. It’s a great list that includes trailers for all the films. One ...

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Helicopter Canada

Helicopter Canada by Eugene Boyko, National Film Board of Canada Today we’re inspired by the NFB’s Moment of the Week in honour of Canada Day! 1967 was the Centennial Year of Canada’s confederation, and the ...

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Together Mixtape ‘Volume Eight’

The playlist are back! In this instalment, we have a great collection of country, psych, folk and every possible combination of those styles.  Together Mixtape ‘Volume Eight’

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Parts of the town of Dungaree (installation pieces)

New Year, New Film, New Digs, New Gigs

Aaaaand… we’re back! During the wintry silence since our last post, we managed to move into a new studio space and complete production on a new animated short! TIN CANYON PREMIERES! Tin Canyon is the ...

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David Blackwood

Blackwood by Tony Ianzelo & by Andy Thomson, National Film Board of Canada The Abbozzo Gallery in Toronto had a reception a couple of weeks ago for David Blackwood‘s current exhibit, Revelation. Blackwood is an ...

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Jodorowsky: He’s Come Un-Dune

The 2013 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) ran from September 5th to 15th, and one of the highlights was a documentary called Jodorowsky’s Dune. It has garnered raves and won the Audience Award at Fantastic ...

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